We offer a wide range of available merchandise including caskets, adult burial enclosures, cremation caskets and alternative containers, cremation urns and cremation vaults.

In addition, we offer numerous personalization options which include Lifestories Medallions, Lifesymbols Corner Designs, Commemorative Panels, Memorial Appliques, Urn Engraving, Personalized Candles, Cremation Jewelry and Thumbies Keepsake Jewelry. 

Many of these items are available for purchase online through our website.    Please scroll below to view our available merchandise selections.  If you are interested in something particular, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you.


Our funeral homes are pleased to offer caskets from Batesville Casket Company.  The company is based in Batesville, Indiana.  The quality and selection of their products is exceptional.  They have been serving funeral homes and families for over 100 years. 

All caskets pictured are available in either full couch (customary in Pennsylvania) or half couch. 


We offer adult burial enclosures from Evans Burial Vaults, located in Leola, Pennsylvania.  This family run firm has served our families for years.  We are pleased to offer Eagle Burial Vaults and Clark Burial Vaults.  For more information on burial vaults, please click here.


We offer a variety of cremation containers and caskets suitable for cremation.  The cremation casket or container you select provides dignity and respect for your loved one before, during the ceremony and at the time of cremation. 


We are pleased to offer the Dimensions Line of caskets which are available in longer length as well as width when necessary.  A variety of constructions are available.


Triguard Memorial Appliques

The memorial appliqué provides a unique and timeless way to celebrate the life of someone you love, using a favorite photograph that exemplifies their spirit and personality.

Your loved one’s photograph will be engraved on a .25” thick bronze or aluminum sheet in stunning 3-D color relief, seald with the Trigard Durasheen™ finish and then affixed to the urn of your choice (sold separately).  The result is a beautiful, lasting memorial suitable for home or niche placement.

Personalized Candles

We are pleased to offer Reflections of Life Personalized Memorial Candles to commemorate the life of your loved one.    They also make the perfect gift for someone in your family or a close friend.  They can be customize to celebrate anniversary milestones, a new baby, or birthday.  Speak with our graphic designer for more information.  These candles are square and unscented and can be customized with any of our designs or if you have a special graphic background you would like to be used, we can fully customize one for you.  You provide us with a good quality photograph of your loved one and we do the rest.  You may choose a photograph from days past or recent events.  Orders take approximately 1-2 weeks to be completed.  We will call you when your order is ready.   Rush service is available, please call us to discuss.    

      Cost per candle:  $18.00

Urn Engraving Options

Engraved designs, verses and/or names and dates will be adjusted to fit the size and shape of the product being engraved. Product size will determine the amount of engraving each product can accommodate.  To determine whether a desired combination of engravings will fit on a specific product, please ask the funeral director that is assisting you.  Separate charges apply for each personalization placement and each type of personalization.   On the INSERT page, is a listing of available standard engraving designs.

Custom Engraved Designs:
If you have a special verse that you would like used or a specific graphic in mind, please consult with your funeral director to see if it can be accommodated.

Lifestories Medallions

The exclusive LifeStories collection offers you the flexibility to help your family design a personal tribute for someone they love.

You’ll find a variety of unique medallion designs that, when displayed in the casket lid, provide a meaningful way to acknowledge life’s defining roles and relationships. Matching keepsake medallions are also available for sharing with family and friends.

Lifestories Medallions are a unique way to pay tribute to your loved one.  They are available in a variety of types and may be selected if purchasing the Rosette or Merlot C asket, Bronze Cube or the Bronze Chest Cremation Urns. 

If you wish to download a printable catalog, please click on the image to the right to download the catalog Remembering A Special Life.

Three medallions are included with the purchase of an eligible casket.  When selecting them for caskets, they are secured in the panel of the casket magnetically and can be returned to family members at the conclusion of service.  

Individual medallions are available for purchase directly through our website.  Please click here to be taken to our online store.

Additional medallions ~ $45.00 each

Lifesymbols Corner Designs

In addition to personalization for the casket or urn, we offer LifeSymbol Designs.  Added to the corners of the casket, placed in an alcove, or displayed on a memory table, LifeSymbols Designs are a touching expression of the spirit, personality and interests of a loved one. 

These popular casket enhancements are also used as individual keepsakes for family and friends, and include themes for patriotism, gardening, sports, family relationships and spirituality.  You can select 4 of the same design or 4 different designs.  

Your family can choose to leave them on the casket or they can be removed (1 or all 4) and given on a memorial plaque (included) to family members as a keepsake.

Additional designs are $48.00 each