Cremation Urns

We offer a wide variety of Cremation Urns constructed of polymer, wood, metal and ceramic to offer a selection to meet each families desires.  There is a vast array of types of urns, if you have something specific in mind, please discuss with one of our funeral directors and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Many of the urns listed below offer personalization options from the addition of a gemstone, to engraving and appliques.  We even offer a selection of biodegradable urns.  

Remember Urn
This durable polymer urn is available in sandstone (pictured), sapphire, walnut, and black marble.  It includes one photo holder. 

  • Additional photo holders:  $25.00 (for 3)
  • Military Emblem:  $12.00
  • Engraved Plate:  $24.00 (must be ordered)
Painted Steel Chest
The painted steel chest is constructed of 20 gauge carbon steel with a black painted finish.

Honey Brown 
The Honey Brown urn is constructed of solid wood and personalization is available.

The Marcelo urn is handcrafted in brushed brass/silver and includes your choice of Marcelo gem.  Other finishes are available  as well as personalization (engraving).  Click here to view additional Marcelo Urn and gem selections.

Cultured Marble
The cultured marble cremation urn features a marble finish and is available in a variety of colors including meadow green (shown) alpine white, riverstone gray, rose, charcoal, catatina.  Personalization is available.

Ashen Pewter
The Ashen Pewter urn is constructed of solid brass and features an ashen pewter finish.  Personalization is available.  Keepsake and Miniature Sizes also available.
Nouveau Butterfly
Handcrafted in solid brass with polished accents, the Nouveau butterfly features light blue varigated finishes. Keepsake and Miniature Sizes also available.

Bronze Cube
The bronze cube is constructed of 64 ounce sheet bronze with a high quality finish.  Personalization is available.  Keepsake and Miniature Sizes also available.

Monroe Oak
Crafted in solid oak and features a satin finish.  Personalization is available.
Blue Delphina
Handcrafted in solid brass with polished brass accents.  Also available in crimson color.  Personalization is available.  Keepsake and Miniature Sizes also available.

Classic Solid Marble
Is constructed from genuine solid marble and features a high polished gloss finish.  Available in cashmere gray and antique white.  Personalization is available. 

The Bradbury Urn is crafted from pecan wood with a light pecan finish.  Includes choice of lifesymbols design.  Marcelo Gem is also available for additional charge.  Personalization is available.
Dogwood Bronze Chest
The Dogwood Bronze Chest is constructed of 64 ounce sheet bronze and has a high quality finish.   Includes Dogwood design applique and personalization is available.
Royal Blue Cloisonne
This beautiful cloisonne urn is handcrafted in solid copper and features an elegant flower pattern which was inspired by artwork of the Ming Dynasty.  Features 24K gold plating and a vibrant hand-applied enamel finish.  Also available in Magnolia pink.  Keepsake:  $275.00
Flora Maple Memento Chest
Solid Marble wood construction and features a tapestry ribbon accent band, whitewash finish and brass drawer pull.  It also includes a temporary container and a sheet bronze urn can be added for $995.00.  Personalization is also available for the top.
Fredericksburg Cherry 
The classic Fredericksburg Cherry Urn is crafted in solid cherry wood with a beautiful hand applied finish.  Personalization is available on the top as well as side.  Keespake $350.00 and Miniature $175.00 sizes are also available.
The solid cast bronze Aristocrat cremation urn features a brilliant high polished finish with a verdigri patina.  Personalization is available.  Miniature size $195.00
Cast in solid bronze, the Pieta cremation urn replicates the original Michelangelo masterpiece.  It features a dark patina finish and highlights.

Cherished Reflections
The Cherished reflections biodegradable urn features an area for a photo to be inserted and a red rose applique.  It is created handmade from unbleached pressed cotton.
Seaward Relections
The Seaward reflections biodegradable urn features embossed design of a starfish, sandollar and seashell. Both are handmade from unbleached pressed cotton.
6 Leaf Tokens
The biodegradable Leaf Token urn holds a portion of cremated remains and is meant for scattering.  It is handmade from unbleached pressed cotton. The watercolor leaf design is embossed into the paper.  Leaf Tokens are sold in packs of 6.
Windward Reflections
The Windward Reflections biodegradable scattering urn is designed specifically for scattering in water.  It is handmade from unbleached pressed cotton and the bowl-shaped bottom holds cremated remains.  It floats for one to five minutes before gently descending into the water.