As things change regarding Coronavirus, we will do our best to keep this page as updated as possible.

In an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to maintain the highest degree of professionalism and dignity to the families we are privileged to serve, our funeral homes, in accordance with Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and PA Department of Health sets out the following guidelines.

In the event of a residential death, nursing home, or hospice house. Our staff will continue to respond immediately, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will respond ASAP to Hospitals once the deceased is released.  Please do NOT message us VIA Facebook.  If a death has occurred, please call the funeral home directly, our phone lines are answered 24/7.  Steelton Location: 717-939-2344  Harrisburg Location: 717-564-1434.  The possibility exists for delay in release in the event of a Hospital Death. Our staff is fully trained and will work in conjunction with the hospital to transfer your loved one into our care as soon as possible.
We will not be holding public viewings. We will limit viewings to immediate family members only with no more than 25 persons in attendance.
Human Remains, when embalmed, can be held by law for a period of 10 days before disposition (i.e. burial). If a deceased human being is held past 10 days, our funeral home will seek permission from the State Board of Funeral Directors. It is up to the State Board of Funeral Directors to grant to deny the delay in burial.
Public Memorial Services and Celebration of Life Services will be held at a later date.
County Coroner’s offices are still operational, but may have limited staff.
We will not be making any advance (pre-arrangements) unless it is an emergent situation.   We are happy to set the appointments for dates after April 15, 2020.
We received notification from the Diocese of Harrisburg that all churches are closed indefinitely. Priests will be available for private graveside services only. At later dates, when churches reopen, memorial Mass of Christian Burial will be held. 

We will do our absolute best to perform all interactions either by phone, email, or fax. One thing will NOT change, and that is the level of service we provide and the care and compassion that we have for your loved one and your family in their greatest time of need. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our funeral homes at Steelton Location 717-939-2344 or Harrisburg Location 717-564-1434.

Talking to children about COVID-19 can be difficult.  Click here for an article written by Dr. Alan Wolfelt which provides good dialogue to help.