It is important when handling services for your loved one that you take into consideration their lifestyle, beliefs, hobbies and interests.

At Wiedeman Funeral Home & Cremation Services, Inc., it is our goal to personalize each service for the families that we serve. We offer a full range of funeral services which include traditional funeral services, cremation, graveside and memorial services. To the right is a listing and brief description of the types of funerals that we commonly provide. It is also important to incorporate ceremonies that include the religious beliefs of the deceased. We proudly serve all faiths and religions. We also offer non-religious humanistic services.

Ultimately, the only thing that matters is that you and your family are pleased with the services that you have selected. Overall, there are many options to consider when choosing the desired funeral services. We are here to help you, offer suggestions and take care of all the details.


Traditional Funeral

Traditional services normally include a viewing with the body present on the evening before or day of funeral services.  Mass, Funeral Services or Life Celebration Ceremonies are held.

The term "traditional funeral" has taken on new meaning in the past several years. Many of the families that we currently serve ask for the same services that they had for another family member, but in more cases, they would like to modify these services to meet the current needs of their family and loved ones. We encourage the use of our complimentary memory board which can display pictures, poems, notes and special memories about your loved one. This enables the relatives and friends that visit the funeral home to rekindle those wonderful memories.

Cremation with a Funeral Service

Cremation with a Funeral Services includes a full traditional funeral (see above) and at the completion of the services, the deceased will then be cremated and the cremated remains will be buried at a later date, scattered or returned to the family.

Cremation with Graveside Service

Graveside services can be held after the cremation has been performed. Family members and friends can be invited to the cemetery or place of final disposition. There may be a brief prayer service or eulogy by clergy, members of the family or close friends.

Cremation with Memorial Service

A memorial service is a gathering of friends and family to remember the deceased. The family may choose to have the cremated remains present or not. Services can be held in the funeral home, home of deceased, church or wherever they may choose to gather. Clergy may be present and it is a time to reflect on the successes and special memories of your loved one's life. As with all funeral services, we encourage the use of pictures, memorabilia, awards, and personal effects. Our funeral directors can coordinate all aspects of the memorial service and offer suggestions about memorial services.

Immediate Cremation

The reasons for preferring cremation are varied. For some families, it seems a more natural process than burial. Other families have concerns about the environment and others are just more comfortable with the concept of cremation. When a family selects immediate cremation, our funeral directors will go to the site of death, remove the deceased and bring them back to the funeral home. They will then handle all the necessary arrangements with the crematory. There are no immediate services planned and no viewing; however, there may be a graveside or memorial service at a later time.

Additional Assistance

In addition, our staff assists with the completion of all necessary forms including death certificates, insurance, notification of death, veteran’s benefits, social security, etc.

Out-of-Town Services

If your loved one resided out of the area, or needs to be transferred to another city,  state, or country, we will coordinate with a funeral home in that location to make all necessary arrangements.

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