Preparing for the funeral...

This section answers many of the questions that persons have about funerals.  It is our intent to provide answers to some of the frequently asked questions and concerns that may arise.

What To Expect

Upon arriving at the funeral home or other place of service, you will be greeted by our staff in the parking area.  We will assist you in safely parking your vehicle and carrying any necessary items into the place of service for you.  Upon entering, you will be directed to an area to gather, wait for other immediate family members, hang coats (when applicable), etc.,  You will then, with your permission, be escorted to the parlor or viewing/visitation/service area.  Our staff will stand ready to review and make any necessary adjustments with you.  You will then be left alone to spend time together as a family....however, don't worry, our staff is just a few steps away if you need anything.  Then the public time will be open and you will have the opportunity to stand together as a family and greet friends and family.  It is important that you try your best to stay together at this time - the reason for this is when guests arrive, if you are all together, it is easy for to find you and extend their condolences to you.  After the viewing/visitation period, you will be seated and service/Mass will begin.   At the conclusion of the service, our staff will direct you.   Depending on the interment - at this point, you will be escorted to your vehicles and go in procession to the cemetery for committal services.  At the conclusion of services at the cemetery, some families invite those in attendance to a luncheon and time of fellowship after leaving the cemetery.  Our staff can announce this invitation if you wish.

Eulogy Tips

Please click on any of the links below to view helpful information on writing eulogies.

Guidelines for Children

Most grief experts and modern funeral directors now believe that children should be able to participate if they so wish. They need to have a chance to ask their questions, view the body (when applicable), see the emotions of others and receive support from other family and friends for their grieving process. However, smaller children sometimes have a smaller attention span and you may need to discuss making arrangements for them to be at the funeral home for a shorter period of time. This is your decision and your judgment for your child is best because you know them better than anyone else. If you find yourself in need of childcare services, please let us know and we will do our best to seek out these services for you.

Securing Your Home

We strongly advise the families we serve to secure your home while you are away during the services. Many unscrupulous people read the obituaries for the times of the services. They know you will not be home during those time periods. Below are a few suggestions to protect your home: (1) Ask a friend to house-sit during these times.  (2) Ask a neighbor to keep an eye on your property and report suspicious activity to the authorities.  If you have a local police department, they are often willing to patrol your neighborhood while you are away. Contact them a few days in advance so that accommodations may be made.


Both of our facilities are handicapped accessible. If there are special needs for a family member or friend, please notify our staff in advance and we will do our best to accommodate them.

Food and Drink

No food or drink is permitted in either of our funeral homes. If there are special dietary considerations, please inform our staff so that other accommodations can be made. We do have water coolers at each of our locations.


It is usually helpful and greatly appreciated to have six able-bodied casket bearers (pallbearers) selected by the family prior to the viewing/funeral service and to let your funeral director know their names. Please let the pallbearers be in attendance before leaving for the funeral service and our staff will direct them at the appropriate time. Smaller children can serve as honorary pallbearers and walk in front of the casket.