Books can be a wonderful way to better understand and work through grief and mourning.  Below are two lists of books.  One is from our lending library the other are recommended readings of books available for purchase online.  If you are interested in a specific topic, please contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

The books listed below can be purchased online:

On Grief and Grieving: Finding the
Meaning of Grief Through the
Five Stages of Loss

When Your Grandparent Dies:
A Child's Guide to Good Grief

When There Are No Words: Finding Your
Way to Cope with Loss and Grief

Understanding Your Grief: Ten Essential
Touchstones for Finding Hope and
Healing Your Heart

When Grief Breaks Your Heart

Talking about Death: A Dialogue
between Parent and Child

Living When a Loved One Has Died:
Revised Edition

Notable Authors:

Earl Grollman
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
Alan Wolfelt

The books listed below are available through our lending library:

Living With Dying ~David Carroll

How It Feels When A Parent Dies ~ Bill Krementz

Living With Grief:  At Work, At School, At Worship ~ Edited by Joyce D. Davidson

Death and Attitudes Towards Death

Concerning Death:  A Practical Guide for the Living ~ Dr. Earl Grollman

When Pregnancy Fails ~ Susan Borg

A Grief Unveiled ~ Gregory Floyd

Suicide:  Prevention, Intervention, Post Vention ~ Dr. Earl Grollman

Your Grieving Child ~ Bill Dodds

The Denial of Death ~ Earnest Becker

The American Way of Death ~ Jessica Mitford

When A Family Loses A Loved One

On Death And Dying ~ Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Cremation ~ Paul Irion

Talking About Death:  A Dialogue Between Parent and Child ~ Dr. Earl Grollman

The Christian Funeral ~ Edgar Jackson

For the Living ~ Edgar Jackson

Death:  The Final Stage of Growth ~ Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Explaining Death To Children ~ Dr. Earl Grollman

The Way We Die ~ David Dempsey

Telling A Child About Death ~ Edgar Jackson

Helping Children Cope With Grief ~ Alan Wolfelt

Find A Way ~ Merril Hoge

You Don’t Have to Like It, But You Do Have to Live It ~ A. Barbara Coyne

Have A Little Faith ~ Mitch Albom