The following DVD's are available for use from our funeral home lending library.  DVD's are permitted to be used for a period of one month and are to be returned.  If a longer period of time is needed, please contact us and we will make arrangements.

Please contact us to borrow any of the DVD's listed below.

Children Teaching Children About Grief:  Children share their stories of losing a loved one.  Helpful for a child looking for a way to relate to a peer and work through grief.

Death and the Civil War:  Explores an essential but largely overlooked aspect of the most pivotal event in American History that contended with death on a unprecedented scale.

Helping Children Grieve: A profound resource to guide adults in understanding and helping children of all ages grieve with hope and heart.

Teen Grief:  A Guide for Adults:  Helps adults offer effective support to grieving teens.  Marcia Lattanzi-Licht, a well-known speaker on grief-related topics, provides specific suggestions for dealing with teen grief issues.

Beyond Death’s Door:  Help for the Grieving Process After Someone You Love Has Died:    Learn to live again - not just survive - after the death of a loved one.

Teen Grief:  Climbing Back:  Provides an intimate look at the grieving process experienced by teens through group interviews.  Captures the emotional ups and downs common to experiencing grief.

What On Earth Do You Do When Someone Dies?  Provides children and adults with answers to many questions surrounding the death of a loved one.  Topics include:  Why do people have to die?  Is it okay to cry?  What is a funeral or memorial service?

A Ray of Hope:  Facing the Holidays Following a Loss:  Paul Alexander, Pyschotherapist and bereavement specialist, addresses the anxiety and stress holidays can bring.  Presents helpful advice and wisdom from bereaved individuals.

Helping Parents Grieve:  Finding New Life After the Death of a Child:    For any parent who has experienced the death of a child and anyone who helps someone who is grieving.

What About Me?  Kids & Grief:    Highlights the grief experiences of 11 boys and girls ages 4 to 14 who have experienced the death or chronic illness of a sibling, parent or grandparent.  Multicultural video is ideal for children and adolescents.

We Will Miss You:  Support for Grieving the Death of a Pet:  Provides support for those grieving the loss of a beloved animal companion.

At Death’s Door:  Facing the Terminal Illness of a Loved One:   Helps family members acknowledge emotions about a loved one’s terminal illness.  Offers guidance to hep them live fully with their loved one through the last months.

Footprints on Our Hearts:  Walking Through Grief After A Miscarriage, Stillbirth or Newborn Death:   Compassionately covers the grieving process after the death of a baby, including tips for those who want to help.

Grieving the Sudden Death of a Loved One:  Presents a full hour of support, wisdom and counsel from grief experts who explore how to slowly move toward acceptance when the unthinkable happens.

Journey Through the Shadows:  Hope for Healing After Someone You Love Has Committed Suicide:    Offers help for those coping with the suicide of a loved one - from sudden initial impact through “why?” questioning, feelings of guilt, support and survival.

Frontline:  The Undertaking:   This PBS Frontline documentary presents an intimate deeply moving view of funeral service and the work of the funeral director.